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At Magnifico, we've been where you've been—wondering the value of what marketing and branding means to your business, wondering how a good brand can make you stand out in your industry, or if you’re receiving real impact and returns.

We spend our days and nights obsessively thinking about how we can serve our clients. We’re here to do work that makes a difference. So we only take on clients where we know we can make an impact. What’s the bottom line?


To do meaningful work with meaningful people.


Garrett Frazier

Garrett FrazierEntrepreneur, creator, and adventurer, Garrett Frazier's ability to build brands, communicate powerfully, and strategically outmaneuver competitors was forged during his time as Director of Sales and Marketing at Magnum Oil Tools International.

Using his natural talent in sales and marketing, his ability to lead and inspire teams, and his bold, disruptive approach to business strategy, he oversaw the largest growth phase in company history, significantly growing Magnum's customer base and profit margins, breaking revenue records year after year, and helping Magnum grow into a company worth half a billion dollars.

Today, whether in his role as Director of Frazier Companies, co-founder of strategic marketing company Magnifico Media, or outdoor brand ANETIK Performance, he continues to be driven by his thirst for adventure, spirit of innovation, and determination to make a meaningful impact.

A passionate outdoorsman—and the Frazier family expert on Gulf Water fishing—he can usually be found on a boat, a board, or behind the wheel, pursuing his passions and inspiring others to do the same.

Above all, at the core of his being is his desire to defend, support, and enrich the lives of those closest to him—his lifelong friends, his childhood crush and wife, Trish, and the two children they share, Dylan and Olivia.

Bryan Fiscus

Bryan FiscusAfter running marketing for one of the scrappiest, yet successful oil & gas companies in Texas, Bryan Fiscus understands how to create brand stories that sell. Bryan got his leadership chops growing marketing for Magnum Oil Tools, a gritty business that grew into an energy titan. Prior to that, Bryan oversaw marketing for a variety of nonprofits and businesses.

After 20 years in marketing and mentoring, Bryan co-founded and created Magnifico Media, a multimedia branding agency that spends every day helping clients achieve their goals through design, technology, content, and marketing.

Driven by the desire to truly help businesses make a difference in the communities they serve, he spends every day strategizing with customers, developing high-engagement creative strategies, and formulating complete creative solutions.

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