Magnifico began as an idea shared between friends–fueled by the boundless spirit of entrepreneurs who refuse to compromise their beliefs or settle for anything less than greatness.

Where We Came From

Every great idea begins with a spark—a moment of inspiration that ignites a fire within us and compels us to chase our dreams. For us, that moment came around a campfire.

For over 10 years, our founders, Garrett and Bryan worked as the sales and marketing minds behind Magnum Oil Tools. Together they built a stand-out brand able to realize the full potential of Magnum’s cutting-edge technology and ultimately grow the company to a half-billion dollar exit.

Sitting beside the campfire, reflecting on the culture they’d built at Magnum, the lessons learned and the obstacles overcome, it became clear that they were destined to empower others to do the same.

Today, we stand as a shining example of what can be achieved when passion and purpose are combined with vision and determination, a testament to the power of friendship and the enduring value of doing meaningful work with meaningful people.

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Where We Came From




Doing the right thing rarely means doing the easy thing. At Magnifico, we don't compromise our values or reshape ourselves to fit someone else’s story. We remain guided by truth—staying true to our partners. True to ourselves, our values, and our vision.

That's why we're proud to say we're not for everyone.

We collaborate with like-minded people and companies driven by a desire that goes beyond the bottom line. It takes guts, so for us, trust is foundational. We build that trust by bringing clarity and confidence—standing shoulder-to-shoulder as guides, supplying tools and resources, and instilling the confidence to strike out on bold new adventures.

We are guided by a simple but powerful philosophy: to do meaningful work with meaningful people.

And by staying true to this founding principle, we achieve for our partners what we want most for ourselves - the freedom to live a meaningful life to the full extent of our potential and purpose.

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Meet The team

Photo of Garrett Frazier leaning against a wall

Garrett Frazier

Entrepreneur, creator, and adventurer, Garrett Frazier's ability to build brands, communicate powerfully, and strategically outmaneuver competitors was forged during his time as Director of Sales and Marketing at Magnum Oil Tools International.

Using his natural talent in sales and marketing, his ability to lead and inspire teams, and his bold, disruptive approach to business strategy, he oversaw the largest growth phase in company history, significantly growing Magnum's customer base and profit margins, breaking revenue records year after year, and helping Magnum grow into a company worth half a billion dollars.

Today, he continues to be driven by his thirst for adventure, spirit of innovation, and determination to make a meaningful impact. A passionate outdoorsman—and the Frazier family expert on Gulf Water fishing—he can usually be found on a boat, a board, or behind the wheel, pursuing his passions and inspiring others to do the same.

Above all, at the core of his being is his desire to defend, support, and enrich the lives of those closest to him—his lifelong friends, his childhood crush and wife, Trish, and the two children they share, Dylan and Olivia.

Bryan Fiscus photo

Bryan Fiscus

After running marketing for one of the scrappiest, yet successful oil & gas companies in Texas, Bryan Fiscus understands how to create brand stories that have real impact. Bryan got his leadership chops growing marketing for Magnum Oil Tools, a gritty business that grew into an energy titan. Prior to that, Bryan oversaw marketing for a variety of nonprofits and businesses.

After 20 years in marketing and mentoring, Bryan co-founded and created Magnifico Media, a multimedia branding agency that spends every day helping clients achieve their goals through design, technology, content, and marketing.

Driven by the desire to truly help businesses make a difference in the communities they serve, he spends every day strategizing with customers, developing high-engagement creative strategies, and formulating complete creative solutions.


Trish Frazier

Although present during those initial campfire conversations that led to the founding of Magnifico Media, Trish's role wasn't established until later.

Degrees in business and communications served Trish in many different marketing and entrepreneurial pursuits over the years. But, in 2020, Trish shifted her focus and decided to use her skillset to help people as a certified personal and professional development coach. She found her sweet spot, first working alongside individuals and then expanding into the corporate world helping businesses develop more effective leaders and teams.

With her background in marketing, she began to see patterns and similarities between people and brands. She discovered a way to adapt the tools she created in her coaching practice into a methodology. From there, Magnfico’s process was refined into what is now the company’s proprietary offering - the Magnifico Method™️

Trish balances the team by bringing the "heart" to Magnifico Media. Her ability to connect with people creates an environment of trust that is necessary in the Discovery process. She is the excavator who digs deep and sees past what's on paper or screen to find the essence of a brand - the foundational elements that effectively and authentically communicate who a company is, and why it matters.

Loren Cookson photo

Loren Cookson

Loren spent ten years as a creative in the marketing space before embarking on a solo venture that allowed her to utilize her values and expertise to approach brands with integrity and artistry. Eventually, this led her to cross paths with Magnifico. Working together on various projects, the team quickly discovered her talent for building and consistently delivering exceptional identities for brands.

Throughout her career, Loren has contributed her expertise to a wide array of businesses nationwide and spanning various sectors, including hospitality, tourism, real estate, retail, energy, healthcare, and finance.

Loren rounds out the Magnifico team with her natural ability to bring a brand's messaging to life in meaningful and compelling ways. She's an artist and designer who leads creative endeavors with curiosity and a desire to see others succeed. An integral role within Magnifico's methodology, Loren expertly translates the heart of a brand into beautiful visual stories that are strategic in forging connections with stakeholders and captivating audiences.

Andrew Seals photo

Andrew Seals

Andrew is a visionary film director whose passion for storytelling is only matched by his love for the outdoors, family, and faith. With a belief that every story is a journey waiting to be told, Andrew embarked on his filmmaking career with a mission to captivate audiences through the power of narrative. Drawing inspiration from his personal experiences and values, he weaves compelling tales that resonate on both emotional and spiritual levels.

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