One man's impact spans industries and generations.

In the heart of Port Lavaca, Texas, a young man named Lynn Frazier graduated high school, then college, and stepped into the oil and gas industry. There, his creative instinct ignited.

He saw the competition battling for sales–making their products a little cheaper, a little faster, a little stronger–but always a commodity in the eyes of the customer. Lynn decided to go a different route and adopted a unique mindset that would redefine the industry. It wasn’t just about profits; it was about making the customer the hero. And so, with bold ambition, he founded Magnum Oil Tools International.

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Magnum began as a bootstrapped garage start-up—a David against the Goliaths of the energy world. His first tools were built in his garage with his kids. 

Lynn began providing specific solutions for individual customers, and over time, Magnum’s reputation spread. He tinkered, invented, and filed patents—102 of them! Each patent was a testament to his ingenuity, a beacon lighting the way for energy operators worldwide. Magnum’s dissolvable frac plugs, composite technologies, and downhole innovations became industry standards.

A New Mantra

Growing success affirmed that customer-centric solutions worked, and a new mantra was formed: “Make your customer a hero”. This became the mantra for everyone–from accounting to the sales rep, everyone at Magnum was asking themselves how they could help the customer win. Lynn’s son, Garrett, and family friend, Bryan, adopted this mantra as they led Magnum’s marketing efforts.

“Make your customer a hero.”

Lynn Frazier

Founder, Magnum Oil Tools

Oil field worker


When the industry experienced a downturn, Bryan and Garrett no longer had the budget for big marketing campaigns and flashy landing pages. With strained resources, they became laser focused on what matters–asking themselves: Who are we? Who are our customers? What do they need? 

Striping away the superfluous produced messaging that cut through industry jargon. They crafted a story that was authentic, vulnerable, and above all, focused on the hero: Magnum’s customers.

Magnum ace flyer

Fate Intervenes

The company scaled heights that defied gravity. Magnum Oil Tools grew into a half-billion-dollar powerhouse, its products coursing through wells, pipelines, and reservoirs. And then, fate intervened.

In October 2018, Nine Energy Service, Inc. (NYSE: NINE) extended its hand—a handshake that would echo across boardrooms. Nine Energy Service recognized Magnum’s prowess—the dissolvable frac plugs, the patents, the relentless pursuit of excellence. They saw synergy—a marriage of innovation and execution.

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Around The Campfire

After a successful merger, Garrett and Bryan were ready for the next chapter. Sitting around the campfire, reflecting on the culture they’d built at Magnum, the lessons learned and the obstacles overcome, it became clear that they were destined to empower others to do the same.

Today, the story of Magnum Oil Tools stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when passion and purpose are combined with vision and determination. These values are woven into Magnifico’s fabric–a foundation that’s enabled them to live by one powerful philosophy: do meaningful work with meaningful people.